There are certain parts of Sydney that are under grave risk of being flooded at any minute. The problem is that there hasn’t been a serious flood for decades, and most residents are relatively recent arrivals and so complacency is rife. Our job was to jolt people into realising that floods WILL happen where they live, it’s just a matter of time. Our brief was to get people aware, measured by website visits, and have them prepare, measured by whether any actions were taken.


This initial work was in a tender situation. Even in a tender situation, BANJO runs its “Creative Certainty” process. At Discovery we identified strategic territories and choose three to take into research. We wanted to test the insight and role of brand.

In Development we worked up many ways to express the strategic territory and then we tested the best of these. We learnt from each phase of testing. Being success with the tender, we then worked with the client and delivered a creative campaign across all key touch points.


We knew we had to be bold to drive awareness and ultimately stimulate conversations between families, friends and colleagues about what they’d do if there was a flood. We chose to do a hyper-localised campaign, but across a plethora of touch points for an integrated ‘surround sound’ feel. Each piece of comms was bespoke to the particular region in which the advertising was active, for example:

‘It has flooded in Penrith before. It will happen again.’

‘It has flooded in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley Region before. It will again.’

The idea followed through into OOH, DM, Press, Digital and Social.



Digital Outdoor

Press wrap

Dynamic geo-targeted display & Facebook


This campaign had a variety of stakeholders, with differing needs depending on location and the unique nuances of each area. Key to success came from ensuring each was taken on the journey to, as well as ensuring their concerns and needs were heard and acted upon.

Most of the executions needed to be localised in its delivery and BANJO worked closely with the media team and the client to ensure the greatest impact was achieved.


The goal for unique visits to the campaign website visit was set at 7,500 unique visitors.

The campaign helped far exceed this, by driving nearly 60,000 (exact numbers to be confirmed) unique visits to the website, largely driven by the digital activity and social

71% of residents have gone on to do at least 1 thing to prepare as a result of the campaign

54% performed two or or more actions demonstrating a strong call to action.