Be a part of the family

Our number one value at Bastion Collective is that we make each other’s lives better. Our focus is on nurturing and growing our people both professionally and personally. This is why we invest so much into world-leading initiatives such as the Bastion Degree – a 6 month Emotional Intelligence course – and offer staff who’ve worked for Bastion Collective for 3 years unlimited leave.


We are always on the look-out for talented, enthusiastic interns who have a passion for the marketing & communications industry and are hungry to learn the skills of the trade from the best.


Interns experience multiple companies across the Collective with a dominant focus on their preferred field whilst gaining broader experience across different disciplines. These are called discovery weeks. Our objective is to provide a platform for interns to gain professional work experience, improve career prospects, share their ideas and be a part of a real team.

Area of studies, experience and interest will indicate which company an intern will focus the majority of their internship.