Today, 15th June 2020, we are taking the opportunity to celebrate with our creative agency Bastion Banjo for winning an AWARD Award in the Disease Awareness category, working with their client NSW Health

A great example of creating World Class Work that smashed the KPIs and created real behaviour change amongst the younger generation of Aussies. 

The brief: 

STI rates are rising at an alarming rate – 1 in 20 young people have chlamydia. These STIs often don’t present symptoms, which means infections go undiagnosed (72%) and untreated, leading to transmission and infertility.

Our objective was to improve STI testing rates by 10% amongst high risk young people who frequent music festivals. Festival goers are down for anything, but are they ‘down to test’? 

The V.I.P. area offered music fans the chance to test themselves for a common STI in exchange for entry to an area that provided charging docks, glitter bars and the most coveted of festival perks — clean toilets.

14 festivals and over 10,000 tests later, the campaign is still breaking down the stigma attached to testing for STIs and creating a real behavioural shift statewide.

Check out the awesome case study highlights reel

Campaign Name: Down To Test

Client: NSW Health

Category: Disease Awareness

Creative agency Bastion Banjo Advertising win AWARD

Creative agency Bastion Banjo Advertising win AWARD