Our approach:
Australian Ingenuity: Creating simple, original and resourceful solutions to our clients' complex problems.


Bastion Collective is built to offer a range of complimentary services under one roof, by absolute experts in their field, delivered with family business service.

For every brand and organisation, modern communications has become a challenging and complex task. As the media market has rapidly fragmented and consumer choice and influence has grown exponentially, brands and organisations have been forced to rethink the way they communicate with their customers, partners and stakeholders.

In today’s landscape, successful communications campaigns rely on articulating one unifying idea, influenced by data and insights, delivered consistently, yet bespoke across every applicable channel.

Messages need to be delivered to stakeholders and consumers in line with their values, through the medium of their choice, in their time, in the places they choose to be, through the things they are passionate about and in their language.

To address this modern communications challenge, we believe brands and organisations need the support of an agency partner built for the modern world.

This is why we have built Bastion Collective.

Our independent agency network allows us to deliver truly integrated communications solutions that provide simple, original and resourceful solutions to our clients' complex problems.

Bastion Collective clients can use us for one specialist service or our entire integrated offering, delivered through one central point of contact.

We do this all to help our clients create, grow, measure and protect their businesses.

Bastion Insights


Market research and agile insights using customer communities, human-centred design, behavioural science and cross-cultural insights to ensure our clients keep pace with an evolving Australia.


Banjo advertising

Creative & Digital

The creative and advertising shop that delivers effective, awarded work on every screen and platform.


Bastion RM

Corporate & crisis communications

Corporate affairs, issues and crisis communications that helps organizations to join the dots in communicating a strong and coordinated message to build, maintain, protect and strengthen your reputation.


Bastion effect


An integrated communications agency specializing in PR, media relations, influencer marketing, content and social media. Creating content that inspires the right people to engage with your brand.


Bastion eba

sponsorship & experiential

Helping brands connect on an emotional level with consumers through the things they are passionate about, in the places they choose to be. Covering sponsorship opportunities, events and experiential marketing that excites and entertains the right audience.


Bastion films

content production

Creative content aimed at creating compelling content that inspires action; increasing brand awareness, maximizing revenue opportunities, and bringing sponsorship proposals to life.


Bastion china

china marketing & communications

High-impact and effective Chinese marketing and communication campaigns that help US brands and clients better understand, engage and succeed in the China market.


Bastion promote

promotional merchandising

Providing high quality, out-of-the-box and value for money solutions for all your merchandise and promotional needs.


Stable research

Data & analytics

Delivers the people, panel and data businesses need to gain rapid insights and achieve actionable results.



Retail & Shopper Marketing

Helping retailers and brands navigate through today's complex challenges and bring about some re-structuring, re-thinking and re-imagination into retail.



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